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What is Vicodin? How is it helpful for you?

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Vicodin has Hydrocodone in it.


Vicodin is a combination drug prescribed for treating moderate to severe pain. Vicodin contains narcotic hydrocodone and non-narcotic Acetaminophen. Both the components act as a pain reliever. Hydrocodone works in your brain and alters the way how your body feels and its response to pain. You can buy Vicodin online from our online pharmacy at discounted rates. Some doctors prescribe Acetaminophen for reducing fever.

Vicodin dosage:

Vicodin is often prescribed to take by mouth. If you are taking Vicodin in the liquid form, make sure to keep the dosage according to measurement. Do not use a household spoon for size as it might be inept. When you buy Vicodin from our online pharmacy, it comes along with the prescription. You are advised to follow it.

For young children, the dosage is according their weight. Do not increase the dosage if not prescribed by your doctor. Also, do not take it any longer than specified.

Side effects to Vicodin:

There can be different initial side effects to the consumption of Vicodin. A person might feel nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, vomiting. However, these symptoms should fade away once your body starts reacting to the drug. The prescription you get when you buy Vicodin online from our online pharmacy details about some of these side effects and how to deal with them. If any of the symptoms persist, stop taking medicine and seek medical help.


Before starting with taking Vicodin, you must tell your doctor about, if any allergies you have or any previous reactions you have suffered because of some medicine. It is important because this information helps the doctor plan your prescription. You can buy Vicodin without prescription from our online pharmacy. We provide a detailed prescription along with the medicine and a smooth delivery at your doorstep.

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