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Codeine dosage

People generally buy Codeine online to treat the symptoms of pain, cough, and diarrhea. Since we are talking about the drug named Codeine, we must know about its prescribed dosage. The prescribed dosage comes in four different forms of medication:-

  • Tablets:- The tablets contain the drug in the quantity of 15mg, 30mg or 60mg.
  • Liquid:- The liquid contains the drug in the quantity of 25mg in a 5mg spoonful.
  • Cough syrup:- The cough syrup contains the drug in the quantity of 15mg in a 5ml spoonful.
  • Injection:- The needle is usually given as anesthesia during operations in a hospital.

Codeine addiction

Most people buy Codeine online to treat the symptoms of pain, cough, and diarrhea. But what they forget is that if they do not take the drug in the right manner or without following the instructions in the prescription given to them, they may become a victim of drug addiction. The drug has been categorized as a Schedule II drug, which means that its potential of being abused is high and may cause a person to become physically or mentally dependent on it for survival.

Long-term effects of Codeine

If you are willing to buy Codeine online, you must remember to buy it from an online pharmacy which can provide with a prescription. However, before you buy the drug and start its intake, we would like to warn you that some long-term Codeine side effects of consumption of the drug are possible. Tolerance is reasonable if a person continues to take the medication for a long time and this can also lead to a development in the feeling of abusing the drug time and time again.

Codeine withdrawal symptoms

    Even if people buy Codeine online and take it for a long time, Codeine withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person, as so will the seriousness and duration of the withdrawal process from the intake of the drug. The length and severity of the process of withdrawal from the consumption of the drug and its addiction, and if Tylenol with codeine combination is taken, can get affected by:-

    • The duration for which the drug has been received.
    • The amount of dose of the drug is taken on an average.
    • How frequently the drug has been taken.
    • The person indulging in the intake of the drug took it with alcohol or other drugs.
    • The person’s medical history.
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